Graphic: Vision logo

The Purpose Statement by which all we do and seek to do will be:-

  • Glorifying God by: Reaching HIGHER to the Father through worship and praise.
  • Going DEEPER in faith and relationship with Jesus and others.
  • Growing WIDER into the community to serve and spread His word in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Drawing CLOSER with others into His kingdom.

If our church is to grow spiritually and numerically, it needs to be driven by biblical purposes. So, as a PCC, we asked ourselves "Why do we exist as a church? What is our purpose?"

If we want to build a healthy, strong, and growing church we must spend time laying a solid foundation. We do this by clarifying in the minds of everyone involved exactly why the church exists and what it is supposed to do.

A clear purpose not only defines what we do, it defines what we don't do. Without a purpose statement it is easy to be frustrated by all the distractions around us. Anytime someone suggests an activity or an event or a new ministry, we should simply ask, "Will this fulfil one of our purposes?" If it does, we do it. If it doesn't, we don't do it!