Baptism (Christening) is the special service where we welcome someone into the church family.

Christian Baptism was instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ as a symbolic sign for those who believed in Him and wanted to be his followers. We baptise children on the basis that they will be brought up to know about Jesus, and the promises that were made on their behalf. We pray that later in life when children come to a mature faith they will confirm their belief in Jesus in a the public ceremony of "Confirmation".

Both adults and children can be baptised. Adults will make their own promises to God, parents of children who are not old enough to make those promises make the promises on their child's behalf. Baptism is an important event, so preparation is important and a minister will meet with you to explain the service and its implications.

Baptisms take place by arrangement, usually at 12:00noon on a Sunday.

There are also regular Baptism preparation evenings, for parents and Godparents to meet to discuss the meaning of Baptism and the nature of the the promises they will make in the service.

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