Order of Service

Many couples like to have their own special Order of Service printed for the occasion. It is a special memento that helps to recapture the atmosphere and key moments of the service.

Below is a draft Order of Service and you can download a complete template that could help you design your own. Please feel free to adapt the layout as you see fit, remembering that you need to agree this with the Rector before it is printed to ensure that the essential elements of the service are included.

A typical order of service

  • Bridal Procession
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • A prayer is said together
  • Hymn
  • Preface and Declarations
  • The Marriage Vows and the Exchange of Rings
  • The Blessing
  • Signing of the Register
  • The Prayers
  • Hymn
  • Wedding Procession

Please contact us at the Church Office if you wish to discuss any aspect of your wedding.